The Next Big Thing in Film Festival Submission Platforms

The Next Big Thing in Film Festival Submission Platforms

A lot has happened over the last few years in the film festival submission space. From the establishment of Filmfreeway in 2014 and eventually becoming the Industry favorite for festival distribution by not just beating WithoutABox but eventually being the reason for the shutdown of WithoutABox.

Filmfreeway, along with other festival submission platforms like Festhome, FilmFestivalLife, ShortFilmDepot have successfully created a hub for where filmmakers gather. These platforms essentially are giving rise to new sets of value-added services built on them. The first being the newly launched FilmWaiver Chrome Extension Plugin for Filmfreeway

Filmwaiver Homepage

According to the founders, the idea for FilmWaiver came as a result of the challenges in accessing discount/waiver codes of film festivals on Filmfreeway. Although, the platform has an Exclusive Deals page where one can find a list of these discount/waiver codes. However, Its a pain-in-ass to continuously scroll to find a festival’s code. There is no search feature to easily locate the festival of your choice and the whole process generally isn’t good enough.

The founders decided to solve this pain point and they built the FilmWaiver Chrome Extension Plugin. A demo video of how the plugin works is below. This seems to be the first value-added service built on an already existing festival submission platform and we look forward to other innovative services being built on these platforms.

Filmwaiver Demo Video
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